Saturday, February 19, 2005

More evidence that "It's not too late"

I hopped onto one of the computers in the senior resource center where I intern, and began to type in my blog address, and the following options popped up when I typed "f":

Which of course, made me begin to search other letters (A=assbreakers, assgate, assmunchers. B=blackcockswhitesluts, bigtitladies, bustybeauties, bigsausagepizza - I'm not sure that last one is a porn site, and I'm not going to check it out here, but it's an awesome name for porn, either way)

Here's the moral of this story:

You think you will be so wise when you are older, that you will grow and mature, and not do stupid things like look at porn on a public computer in a senior center.

You won't.

However stupid you are now, just get used to it.

I work with clients all the time who are still dealing with the crap I always believed you just outgrew. 72-year-olds with addictions, 58-year-olds who antagonize their families, 63-year-olds who keep their dogs locked up in a cage for 23 hours a day, 59-year-olds who believe their siblings are satanists...these are people who NEVER LEARNED.

If someone ever shakes their head at you and mutters "Don't you ever learn?"

You can respond with confidence "No. And neither do you."