Monday, February 07, 2005


Something happened today on my walk to school that unnerved me. I passed a man on the street whose face I recongized. My terminator screen flashed and blipped, coursing through the millions of places I could have seen him.

Then it struck me. I saw him last night. A friend of a friend, with an interesting photolog. Damn these linkable blogs.

I knew that he'd cut his hair recently.
I knew about his hobbies.
I knew about his taste in men.
I knew that he had come to Ann Arbor only a few days ago.

In short, I knew too much.

The feeling I'm left with is half giddiness at the wonder and connectivity of my world, and half sliminess at pseudo-cyberstalking. Eep.

Tell me this, though...does this mean it's gone too far for me, that I should turn back now? Don't go outside, stay by the fire. Don't follow that link, are you crazy?!


Does it mean I am just now tasting the true power of interconnectivity, that it is global, local and supercedes all efforts we make to confine it.

Do I take out my AirPort card or do I submerge myself deeper. I can't decide.