Thursday, February 17, 2005

On washing electronics

My sister Jess dropped her phone in the tub and lost my number. To clear memory - wash with warm water...

Reminds me that Alexis once washed my cell phone. The fact that she washed it is not that shocking to me. After ten years, I've become inured to a wide variety of laundry insults - impromptu dyings, violent feltings, frivolous shrinkings, surreptitious bleachings, global inkings - I've seen it all, people.

So I can only imagine the cold horror that ran through Alexis when she looked to the bottom of the washer and saw my little Motorola, cold, wet, and apparently passed out. She did what any of us would have done, I suppose...

She hid it in her sock drawer.

She left it to dry for over a week, all the while deflecting my increasingly frantic search requests with "Have you checked under the passenger seat?" and "Maybe the cats took it." or even "Did you put it in the freezer?" (Okay, I'm sure she didn't ask that last one, but I have lost things in the freezer before - you know the scenario - juggling too many items, reaching for the fudgsicles...something's gotta be put down.) Meanwhile, to her immense relief, it turned on again and gave a happy little chirp.

I was in the living room when she magically "found" it under the couch. I think she accidently kicked it from it's hiding place with her toe. Imagine my delight, I even went so far as to attribute the blurry screen to whatever evil ritual the cats had used it for.

As I've mentioned before, I am the suggestible type.

It was over a month before she confessed to the deception, and I was so intrigued and amused by her cover-up I forgot to be angry.

Well, I mostly forgot. I think this public shaming might be belated payback.