Friday, February 11, 2005

But for in our hearts

I can't believe it - the birds are singing. And not just one crazy one, either. Several. Having a conversation.

The ground is snow-covered, and the earth underneath it is iced, but slowly we are turning back towards spring.

I'm not ready, but that doesn't matter.

Actually, I am ready, I am replacing the rose hedge in the front with yellow Rugosas in late April. Right after finals, I can't wait. Anybody who is reading this, and is going to be anywhere near Ann Arbor at that time - beware! You will be roped into helping. Also, I'm thinking of putting in a low fence to surround the front yard.

By the way, you all might be coming back from Minneapolis, Aptos, Chicaco, New York, DC, Pittsburgh, Cinncinnati, Sacramento, and Seattle to help put in the firepit in the back. When can you be here?