Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The most beautiful little boy

Four things become clear from this photo:
1. An early commitment to dental hygiene.
2. Long, curling toesies - I have been pinched by long toes such as those!
3. A sunny morning disposition
4. Cuteness!

Having Noah be so far away is just heartbreaking. I have been so busy and self-centered this year, I have had no time for travel and haven't seen him since September. I know that when we meet next, he won't know me at all and won't be interested in letting me smell his little head, kiss his sweet cheeks, and gather his long limbs to me in a little boy bundle. I dream of a big family house where Noah runs down the stairs to curl up with the dogs, steal our toothbrushes, and demand special breakfasts from his Aunt and Ankle.