Friday, May 15, 2009


The vet gave us a look yesterday when we handed over Luckey Haskins. We swear to god, it's all fuzz (not fat).

We had a bit of a struggle there...but ultimately resolved to get along.

Some things to know about Luckey:
1. He's named after an exit sign on Rt. 75 South. On one side of the highway is Luckey, Ohio, on the other is Haskins, Ohio.
2. A few weeks ago, we discovered he owns and operates a small antique store near our Trader Joe's called: Lucky Haskin's Antiques and Oddities. We have no idea how he secured business financing in this economy, but he's not talking.
3. He is very fluffy. He has toehawks.
4. We call his tail his "majesty" because it is truly majestic.