Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What the...

There's something about this time of month. No not this time of month. *This time of mo-nth* if you know what I mean. I make poor decisions, I am randomly aggressive - (heard myself call a stranger a little fuck moments before it slipped from my lips & scream repeatedly at the printer), and seem generally unable to properly coordinate my life and the actions necessary to sustain it.

For example:

I am snotty. I thought to take pseudepherin (which clears noses and doesn't make sleepy-sleepy). It is red. One takes two.
Instead, I took Benadryl (which stops sneezes but doesn't clear noses and makes sleepy-dopey-sleepy). It is pink. One takes one. One took two. Therefore: sleepy, dopey, snotty.

Also, in the middle of a conversation with Jess, only a few minutes before catching the bus home at the end of a long day I paused mid-thought, looked down and realized that my shoes were on the wrong feet and had been all day long. They felt funny, but not that funny. Funny.