Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fluff loss

Every year around this time, Mr. Tiny Trou starts losing his hair.

It would be one thing if he lost it in any reasonable manner, but he ends up looking like the sickest lil' bunny who ever threatened the whole of mankind. First, his ears go partially bald (I know it doesn't seem like rabbit ears have a lot of hair, but when they bald it looks very wrong), and then the hair falls out around his eyes and nose - giving him a starved, sickly kind of look. Also, I don't think he's very comfortable. He just sits in a loaf, eyes half-lidded, kind of singing to himself.

And every year, I go through a long, angst-filled period...thinking he's dying. I mean, he is nine this year (and dwarf rabbits are only supposed to live 6-8 years, I've read), and I worry that he won't be with me forever. That this will be the last time he pees on my couch, the last time he humps the dog, the last tuft of fur he pulls from one of the cats...*sniffle*

I know, I know, those of you who have felt his patented "Jaws of Justice" may well wonder what makes a girl love a bunny when that bunny is so obviously a very, very bad one. I can't explain, but know that I've spent quite a bit of time this weekend scritching his tiny little head around his short, bald ears, and plucking downy fur from his wiggly nose.