Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tea and Cake

It's that time of year my lovely little GSSA position...interviewing grad students. Oh. Yay. Get this, I make hour-long appointments, drink tea, and force people to explain their (usually complicated) research to me. It RULES. Ostensibly, I'm doing this to make sure that they will make a positive impression on our rich and not-neccessarily genius, donors.

So, I'm sitting here, flipping throught the Pre-Doc Fellowship awards and thinking to myself: "What do I want to learn this fall?"

Social Determinants of Malaria outbreaks? Yeah.
Emotional theory of Juvenal's Satires? Okay.
Radical literary activism of the 1950s? Absolutely.
Chemically-passive suppression of laminar premixed flames in spacecraft?
(They're premixing flames now? This, I've got to see.)
p-Adic cohomology and companion forms? What? Freakish mathmaticians...
Equilibrium structure of dark matter halos? For heaven's sake, yes!

This is like, the funnest thing ever. Funnest.