Wednesday, August 30, 2006

LI by Mercedes

Did you know you could fly directly into the heart of Long Island? Thereby skipping the noise, the mire, the polka-dot sidewalks of NYC (Where did you get that gum?) and its airports...Well, direct is relative, since we had to get up ongodly early (thanks for driving, Val!), and swing by Chicago to pick up two self-righteous colonialists, one of whom commandeered my crosswords that I had printed out special.

With Marie and Michael on the treacherous rocks.

As we all grow older and transition into well-paid professionals, we get to see Sarah and Alexis lose their shit in fancier venues...they cannot be controlled.

Long Island is much more:
~full of obscenely rich people
~full of obscenely gay people (well, rich gay men to be clear...quoth Alexis in Sag Harbor: "Nice jeans, buddy, and nice SOCK.")