Sunday, August 06, 2006

The third one...

I've managed to break three of these 5/8" quick-load drill bits in the last few weeks. Just to be clear, the cheapest ones of these run at least $5.78, which, admittedly, is not terrible unless you are already spending two hundred dollars at Lowe's that day, and you've already broken three and plan on breaking more. It's all the damn toenailing (toe screwing? Oh, excuse me) we've been doing...still no drywall, but new window, new electric, removal of partition walls, and furring+furring+furring. The walls are like portraits of urban decay: here crumbling plaster/there still-gummy mastic glue from the twenties, here 150-year-old dimensional four-by-fours/there brandy-new cheap pine two-bys that warped terribly before we got a chance to install them.

Honestly, though, there's no reason to do so much screwing. Jesus, I'm always thinking to myself that one only needs to properly nail, but I just ain't got the skills.

--Wait a minute...screwing? Nailing? Merciful can't even talk about home remodeling without accidentally using a filthy sexual euphemism! No wonder my neighbors won't touch me (seriously, our neighbors - members of the Christian cult "The Brethren" won't shake my hand or tell me their names. They said it wasn't anything personal, but that it was an effort to stick to the old ways. I mean, seriously, who doesn't long for the simpler days of unquestioned and blatant misogyny? I know I do.)

I'm completely serious about the screwing vs. nailing thing, I'd nail more often if I could increase my accuracy and endurance.

With a hammer - a HAMMER. God.