Wednesday, August 09, 2006

36 Hours in Louisville

As I'm only now getting back into posting, I'm slowly catching up on a whole slew of summer events. I have to say, the most important of which was probably this:

Radiology Boards

My one, of course passed them without question...but there were months and months of quizzing, of index cards, and especially late nights and early mornings of this:

Radiology Boards are held only once per year in Louisville. Why they make civilized people go to Kentucky is beyond me, it's just wholey unsafe and unsavory for those of us living comfortably in the North. We tried to fit in:

We checked into our hotel room, and didn't leave for 24 hours. Hmph, now that I write it, it sounds much more interesting than it actually was. Frankly, Alexis studied continually, and I ordered room service between episodes of "Wedding Cake Showdown" on the Food Network. Room service and Red Bull. Yup.

But, there was no way around it...five hours, ten subjects, and passed each one. I am unutterably proud. (Though the morning of boards, Alexis held her entrance card up and announced forcefully: "This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life." I just laughed.)