Sunday, April 16, 2006

...that's sweeping the nation...

In Ann Arbor:

Did you hear that? Delicious in every sense!

And in Minneapolis:
Check out the photo of my gorgeous sis - she looks way too classy to be associated with a peeps diorama. Go to the slideshow, ours is the fifth one...

I, on the other hand, look right at home:

I think I was singing a peeps-related diddy...possibly to the tune of the X-Files theme, which is pretty standard for me.

The text of the article is here:

And ends with the quote: "What makes us want to twist, turn and glue the poor Peeps? "It's their squishiness,'' says Greenstein. 'You've just got to squish them.' "

Please note: I *did not* say this. I was at Ulrich's trying to buy a jump drive (they were sold out) while I was on the phone with the reporter (who was fun and funny to talk with), and I believe what I said was: "They look so innocent, it just makes you want to hurt them." What can I say...cellular reception in this town sucks.