Monday, April 10, 2006


Those of you who profess to know me may know of my obsession with - the blimp. Actually, it's not blimps, per se, I would never refer to something so majestic with a name so mundane. Nay, these perfect forms are Zeppelins, are dirigibles, are lighter-than-air craft...

You might only imagine my shock and awe when I found out that there is a contest to pick the name of the brand-new Goodyear blimp. The prize? Blimp-master-for-a-day. I don't know if you get to drive, but you sure get to tell it where to go. From inside! From inside! The winner gets to ride in a blimp for a day!

Flushed with the recent peeps-related successes (I think we may have won Ann Arbor too, I have to call and find out tomorrow. Don't ask me how I'm going to make a peeps diorama be in two places at once, I haven't figured it out yet.), I feel that it is possible to win contests such as these, and thus have begun eliciting ideas. The first tries being bandied about our house at this late hour include the "Millennium Falcon" and the "Sky Cigar"... but it needs to be something amazing. I'm thinking "The Global Warmer," in reference to Goodyear's century-long contribution to carbon monoxide emissions (or perhaps the "Glacial Remnant," the "Coastal Shift," or the "Killer Storm"). Maybe "Bread and Circuses" to honor major sports' role in distracting the populace from the democratic process. Or even the "Gliding Genocide" in reference to the first Zeppelins?

So many choices!

I'm serious though, if you can think of something that might win and won't get my phone tapped, tell, tell, tell. I promise I'll let you steer, or at least work the pedals.