Monday, March 20, 2006

Naming conventions

In Trader Joe's, I heard a father call his daughter...Ashland.
I leaned over to you-know-who to whisper: "Did you hear that? Some kid's name is Ashland."

Someone was unimpressed, and continued a fruitless search for goat milk yogurt..."I think he said Ashley."

"No, it was definitely Ashland, do you think she's named after the mine or the gas station?"

I thought this was so funny that when I turned around to view Ashland, and saw her to be a pudgy little blond-haired thing pushing a child-sized grocery cart filled with unripe bananas, I broke into a huge smile. Her mother thought I was giving one of those "your child is so adorable it makes me smile" smiles, and she, from her heteronormative breeder bubble smiled back.

In retrospect, maybe she really was an Ashley, and her father's tell-tale Southeastern Penna guttural gulp distorted the word (which would be why you-know-who understood it). Paradoxically, this could also indicate the mine as her namesake after all.