Monday, April 03, 2006

Happiness is...


What does springtime mean at our house?


The upstairs sink has been slooooow for ages now. I finally stopped by Lowe's and got a drain auger after my Bodyrolling class (yes, it is very, very good) on Sunday. After 45 minutes of poking and turning the spring around bends in the pipes (A. said it was pretty much like placing a Naso-Gastric Tube), we pulled out a mass of hair and crap that I'm pretty sure was my parasitic twin I flushed a few years back. Or perhaps the clog of hair was about to achieve the critical mass necessary for sentience, and would soon be coming out and replacing me in my real life.

And the drain in the basement that leads out to the street? Something about the spring thaw and the reawakening of green growing things makes the damn drain back up anytime we wash laundry or use the utility sink downstairs. By back up, I mean a 14' puddle slowly oozes up from the hole in the cement like some prototypical horror being. Eh, it usually passes. This time was different...this time included toilet paper. That's right - I spent part of yesterday crouched in my basement clad only in clogs and a pair of underwear, my hands covered in plastic, pulling RAW SEWAGE from the hole in our basement and shoving the black, stinking mess into a garbage bag.