Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Advice to me:

1. Be careful of what you eat less than an hour before running, for you will be burping it up for four to six miles. Ask yourself honestly: do I want to taste cold Kentucky Fried Chicken while doing Fartlek sprints on an icy track in February? Do I?

2. Speaking of which, remember, ice is not about falling - it is about the fear of falling. Ya got two big feet which generally keep you upright, and all that terrified rigidity generally leads to some sort of muscle strain.

3. When you are sick, you hurt yourself. Something about your musculature tears more easily when you are fighting an illness. Yes, I know that you've been sick for two weeks, and you can't stay home forever. And, yes, I know that you generally feel okay except for that weird twitching in your right ear, but you are still sick. Keep running, but don't expect to feel good.

4. New running clothes make you happy.

5. Tuesday night group runs leave you neither a scintillating conversationalist nor a particularly good driver. Plan accordingly.