Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Chunks of temptation

I'm getting that old itch again.

Shuffling along in my clunky shearling things, cheeks rosy from cold or liquor, the hunks of plowed snow are looking more and more attractive...

Attractive for kickin', that is.

I just got out of a Doctors appointment where I was told that the running injury I worried was something terrible (stress fracture, avulsion fracture, bone-sucking parasite), is probably just bursitis. Bursitis? What am I, 76? Hope it's not a bad season for gout! Actually, gout's no joke, I didn't mean to be glib.

I was told I could run as long as I was alright with the pain.
Alright with it - I love it!

So, I'm feeling a wee bit invulnerable, and more than a little cocky.
I mean, it's unlikely that I'll break another toe this year. Isn't it? Isn't it?