Monday, February 13, 2006


I was very clear with my mom and sister Jess when they visited for Thanksgiving: first the turkey, then we smash up the kitchen.

Alexis takes a blade to the ceiling. Caulk adheres all things.

Our house=short
My sister=tall
Thank goodness, though, somebody had to hold up the dropped ceiling. Had my mother not been occupied with rearranging our tiny extra kitchen to hold everything contained in our larger primary kitchen, she would have solved the problem through the deft application of eye-hooks.

We were all pulling/prying/pushing to get the lower half of the cabinets out...but it was stuck on something. You see, we've discovered that a lot of DIYing is just about pulling harder - so we did. What was it stuck on? A live outlet we didn't know existed. Bzzt!

A hard-won territory.

Three out of five ain't too bad...