Monday, January 23, 2006

Cats are just better

They are cuter, quieter, less needy, less expensive, cuddlier, smell better, and are significantly less annoying and embarrassing than the canine.

Our three:

Grex AKA: Grexilla, Grexella, Grelly, Grellina
Interests: toilets, recently-used showers, paddling the water bowl, petroleum allergies, killing things

Stoat AKA: Stoatle, Goblin, Stoatle McGroatle, Sad-sad, Sad-sad McGraw, Stoatle McGroatle McSad-sad McGraw (her legal name, she gets a surprising number of magazines and catalogs)
Interests: quacking, lolling, rubbing, quacking, purring, eating the knitting

Beast AKA: Beastlykins, Beasting, Beastie, Wee Beastie, Beastiality (arch.)
Interests: grumpiness, blotchiness, sweet corn, popcorn, creamed corn, corn puffs, falling off things