Sunday, February 19, 2006

24 ounces

Unbelievably enough, Alexis has no more required overnight call. This means she will never again be required to go in at 8am, work all day, take the call pager at 6pm, work all night, give up the call pager at 8am, and then work all day again. That's a good old 33 hour shift, that is, and we should all know that the neurosurgeon stopping that brain bleed in your uncle has pulled that shift twice this week already.

Overnight call started in third year of medical school, on Trauma Surgery AI (where she'd need to leave the house around 3:30am, and get home around 9:30pm, and call was Q3 - every three days)and has stretched through these seven years. Residency call has only meant, on average, Q12, and she mostly gets to come home and sleep the next day. Still, when's the last time you were responsible for people's lives over the course of a 24 hours shift?'s over. They stop overnight call around this time of year for the residents studying for oral boards...which is in June, and is basically a three-month cramming session.

To celebrate, you know who requested what she always does - Prime Rib. We've basically tried it everywhere that offers it, but we decided to go to the first place we ever ordered it - Damon's. The main dining room is full of bitter, large families working through plates of sticky ribs and fried whatever. I wanted Alex to have the largest size possible, and she has only nascent math skills, and when we ordered, the waitress actually paused before writing it down.

"Really?" she asked...
"Sure," we responded.

What arrived was way beyond what either of us had imagined - it was the area of a regular cut of prime rib, but was about two and a half inches thick. Alexis couldn't speak for a moment, what had been delivered was so outrageous, so filthy, bizarre and overwhelming. She grinned so big it was difficult to see how she'd eat at all. Conversation that had, until that point, been quite lively, stopped completely. Instead, she cooed softly to the meat, slicing it smartly and consuming one great gobbet after another.

To be honest, she only made it through two pounds at one sitting, but she thought about the final pound all the way home, all night, and ate it early the next morning, standing over the kitchen counter.