Saturday, September 10, 2005

A developmental milestone

Alexis was on call last night (again).
I begged off the social engagement I had planned (again).

And meandered down to South Campus with a change purse heavy in my hand.

On a Friday night, at Pinball Pete's, it is even more obvious that girls don't really play pinball. Oh, there are girls around...leaning over their date's table, saying "Wow," and "That's a really high score!" But none of them play, and none of them do the victory spin while on the Path of the Dead, and none of them are wont to scream out "Bitch" when a ball dumps, and none of them make lewd sexual gestures toward the table when they feel they've done something particularly snazzy, and none of them flip their shoes and straighten their skirts while waiting for the ball to roll around the orbit.

Scored my highest game ever (my average is also steadily creeping up) on LOTR - and this after the first three balls dumped weakly after a few moments of play. Had an excellent fellowship multiball attack of the Balrog. " This foe is greater than any of you," hah! In my game, all balls are equally valuable...we all got a good smack in at his knees.

Somewhere into my second game - which wasn't anything spectacular - a guy appeared to my right...murmering encouragement like I usually do. His friends called for him to go and he replied: "Hold on a minute, I'm watching this game. Damn she's good."

That's right - it's been independently verified.
(But, don't be fooled - I'm not really that good...just speedy and passionate.)