Thursday, September 01, 2005

Three Cat Day

It was vet morning at my house. We brought the dogs in last week, and had a three-cat appointment this morning.

We only have one large cat carrier, and put Grex and Stoat in together for some cuddle time. The Beast gets shotgun, and generally spends the car ride craning her tiny head to see out the front window. She was first up on the table - general exam, but no temperature (thank God, it's their least favorite part). Only a feline distemper shot, and as the vet was examining her belly, he commented: "full bladder." Well, we did grab her from her nap on the dirty clothes pile downstairs - she hadn't had time for her morning routine.

When the exam was done, I held Beast in my arms, while Alexis tipped up the large carrier so the door was on top, reached in, and plucked out Stoat...closing Grex inside. I stayed one more moment to make sure things were in hand before making my way back out to the car with our loose kitty. I hear, "Shana, Shana, SHANA," look down, and see that Beast has been peeing for some time...all over the floor, me, the carrier, and mostly, directly into door of the carrier, all over Grex, who is trapped inside.

Beast, little toes and tail curled, seems relatively unfazed about the whole thing. Grex on the other hand...

I start to laugh, and then cry, and then I can barely make my way out to the car to drop off the - now significantly lighter - cat.

By the time it's Grex's turn on the table, she's been sitting in Beast's urine for some minutes, and the vet and I take turns with the paper towels.

Sadly, especially after such a traumatic event, the cats need to get bathed. It's their horrible lot in life to have nothing bad happen for months, and then get put in a box, stuck with needles, and nearly drowned, all within about an hour and a half.