Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Labor Dabor

Just sittin' on my cooler. With the stick.

The incredible Miriam and her charming consort, Lisa, invited us out to the beach house for a few days this weekend. I can't even begin to explain what a lovely place this is and what lovely companionship is drawn to it (including Nancy and Yarrow and two boisterous Labs). It almost makes up for the five times Miriam hit me with a tennis ball. Damn, that girl can aim.

Alexis was working all weekend, so I dragged John along (who turns out too be a thunderously successful traveling companion - especially after he was introduced to the wonder of the Starbuck's Doubleshot). He's also startlingly photogenic:

John and I stayed up late, late, late poking the fire and watching for shooting stars. The bonfire is on a bluff overlooking the beach and Lake Michigan beyond, and the waves roll choppily in from Chicago all night. John was nice enough to tuck me in (I am a princess, and I do say things like: "Tuck me in, would you?") under a down layer and under a Milky Way layer, and I slept through the dawn.

Labor Day, itself, was incredibly beautiful: clear September skies, cool, soft breezes, and the promise of a school year not quite started. I laid my little blanket in the sand, pretended to be able to work some of the games Miriam had brought, and promptly fell asleep. I had that feeling on my skin...you know, the one where you feel the sun and the air and the world loving you, and warming you, and making you one with everything. It's a beautiful thing, but comes at great price. By the time we'd driven back to Ann Arbor, my ass was so painful I couldn't sit still, and Alexis had to coat me in Noxema and, yet again, someone tucked me into bed.

Giant Valentine's Day Half-Moon Cookies!