Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Great Minds

Val came over late last night, looking for a place to crash. I'd been waiting to see her in order to brag about my supa skillz on this week's Sunday puzzle (which I got about 85% of - all by my lonesome, thank you). I ran out to the car to grab the magazine, and proffered it proudly. Val responded by pulling out *last* week's puzzle - about 90% done by her lonesome self.


I rifled around the house for two working pencils and we crouched over the kitchen counter, way too late at night, and finished them up. Val: Ilex (Holly plant), Me: Zapatista (Mexican rebel). Val: It is I (Formal response to "Who's There?"), Me: Sentry (One whose speech is halting). All in all, a very good way to round out a day, and lovely to wake up this morning and see the fruits of our labor - wrinkled and worried, but complete (well, almost - Muralist Jose Maria ______).