Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not appropriate for yoga...

One of my yoga classmates revealed last week that she worked at Victoria's Secret, and I perked up my ears. I realize now that I'd perked up my ears because I have, um, boobdar, and this classmate had the boobage.

Boobdar means that when I walk into a room, I size up all the boobage:
What kind of shirts will the big-boobed women wear?
How are their bras fitting?
What do they look like when they do downward-facing dog?

In the background, even during our ending meditation, I have one eye on the other boobs.

So, when my classmate revealed that she worked part time at VS, I approached her with my question - how high do the bras go?


She sized me up - I don't look as big in person (maybe it's how I stand?). "You don't look as big as me," she said, and lifted up her shirt. And I lifted up my shirt...and we stared at each other's chests, as our classmates continued to put away their mats around us.

So wrong.

(As an aside, I don't think she's right...I tried VS years ago and the lacey numbers unraveled before my mighty presence.)