Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Green Thumbs - clarified!

You know the phrase "green thumbs" to connote innate gardening ability? I've discovered over the last few weeks that it actually refers to the willingness to defend your hard-won roses by squishing hundreds of live aphids between your thumb and forefinger. Their endolymph (runny, runny insides) is green, and when it gets on your fingers...

Furthermore, my gardens and grounds run amok with ants. It's unbelievable how the earth teams with them - huge mounds (well, not African termite huge, but large never the less) spring up on the lawn and between the driveway blocks, and I have to engage in a stick fight with the ants to get them off the peony blooms. I'm totally serious, I have to flick them off individually, and when they land on my foot - they bite and won't let go.