Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I think I must be brave...(Alexis keeps saying I am)

Carole invited me to crash the Zingerman's party - even now, three years after working there, nobody seems to question why we keep showing up at company picnics. Paul (one of the owners), still sings my name when he sees me, and Alan, the coffee company guy, took one look at me and said "What, is it Shanukah again already??" Free Pabst, free food, and a bouncy room...

The picnic was in German Park, a private park about 6 miles up Pontiac Trail from our house. We just had to turn out of the driveway and keep going North. I spent about 3 hours this afternoon tootling around our lovely riverside trails. It's true, I have discovered so much just in the last three (!) days of owning my bike. So, even though I was truly pooped, and even though I had showered and dressed in my cutey dress with the pink piping, heels and a sweater, and even though we were already late. I said (I swear the words came out of my mouth): "Let's bike."

It was a gorgeous evening, and a beautiful ride. It was *not* easy for me - rolling hills are deceptively difficult.

Miller time!

(Let it be known that I chugged two beers and when Ann came to announce that they were packing up the bouncy room in 5 minutes, I SPRINTED - ask Alexis if I didn't - and shoved a three-year old out of the way to get in. My former workmates saw me in there bounding about with their children, and before I knew it, three other middle-aged, chunky women were bouncing around with us. Let me tell you - if you have the chance to bounce in a bouncy room, go with adults - the height of your bounce is directly related to the size of the other people landing. That is - bigger people make for a bigger bounce. There was even a slide! I got caught half-way across and started going down butt first with one leg hooked around the netting at the top. In retrospect, I think I was drunk. Anyhoo, when three middle-aged women from HR saw that I went down fine after making such a shambles at the beginning, they went up too. It was a fine time. The guy even let us bounce late!)

Alexis biked into the center of the road to catch a view of me and the beautiful evening sky. It was so incredible, and it smelled so wonderful, and I startled two crepuscular beings: a tiny rabbit and an opossum. It was lovely.

Post Script: What's not lovely are my legs this morning. Wooobly after twenty-two miles - woobly.