Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ach, wee Beastie!

Our poor widdle Beastlet got sick-aroonie.

Saturday was dental hygiene day at Bean Gables, and did you know that dental procedures make one vulnerable to bacterial infections? Think about it - if your gums are sore, swollen, and prone to bleeding, and you poke a hole in them with those horrible tooth scrapers or a vigorous brushing the horrible bacterial cesspit of your mouth has direct access to your bloodstream. It's usually not a problem unless someone is immunocompromised in some way, but by Sunday afternoon Beast was sick.

It's funny how noticeable it is when animals get sick. They don't usually get flues and stuff (probably because they don't go to doggie kindergarten), and when they go down, they go fast. I took one look at Beast and declared her surprisingly rumpled. She was hot to the touch and she growled when I came near.

I can count on one half of one hand the number of pharmaceuticals I've been given in the past decade. Almost nothing. But, the number of antibiotics, eye drops, and steroids prescribed in my name is quite surprising. This time Alexis ordered it in a Cherry-flavored suspension...you'd remember the taste if you smelled it - it's kid's medicine. The pharmacist asked incredulously after being given my birth date: "But she's at least 24?"

Alexis just demanded a bigger bottle of the stuff, and I hoped he was using a calculator.

About five hours after the first dose, Beast's fever broke and she purred to see me. Little kitties - they're so delicate.


Also, I'll have about two cups of bright pink Amoxicillin if anybody's feeling colonized.