Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The blog, t'is a varied thing

I am no longer a social work student, but my legacy lives on! A little over a year ago (January 2006), I started a blog so that social work students could warn each other away from the numerous shitty professors who teach the number one school in the nation. I had just gotten a terrible (I thought it terrible at the time) grade from one of the worst professors I'd ever had, and I wanted to make sure other students were fully aware of the depth of crappiness they would be subjected to. I mean, everybody who'd taken this professor hated her, and I would have been warned if I'd had any sort of social network at the damn school.

"A-ha," I thought, "the web precludes the need for actual social networks! I can create an on-line network that is simultaneously more useful and less satisfying than a real-life one!"

And thus, 'twas created one morning when I finally realized nobody was going to do it for me. And thus far there are almost 600 entries - entries that run the gamut from blind rage to uncomfortably complimentary.

I assume professors know about the site at this point, and I do wonder what they think (my point was never to hurt anybody's feelings). Furthermore, in a fit of extremely typical innocent/arrogant bravado on my part, I put my name all over it...and not just my name, which has some level of anonymity since there have been several Shanas at the school, by my uniq-name. Uniq-names are just that - unique. Meaning, there has not before, nor will there ever be another person associated with the University of Michigan who has this name. I know. Smart.