Monday, March 12, 2007

The same only worse

I am finding myself obsessed with composting and "humanure." Could you all forgive me if I become known as "she who composts poop?" (NEWS FLASH: I already do! I've composted Kordax's poop for ages, and I throw dog turds in the compost pile willy-nilly. Interestingly, the compost is *much* hotter around feces pockets. In fact, it's often steaming when I unearth it. I know, can you believe I made you read this? Now visualize it! Ha!)

By the way, it's a myth that you shouldn't compost meat products - which is why I was worried about composting dog feces, a substance pretty close to meat (don't think too hard about this)- in fact, you can compost WHOLE COWS. (I'm not suggesting killing animals simply so you can compost them - but it's a useful technique for dealing with diseased stock, and the composting actually kills most of the pathogens.) You are encouraged to bury the cow (DEAD) on its back, with its abdominal cavity split, and layer non-kiln-dried saw dust, straw, and vegetable matter underneath and on top. Leave it alone and you've got a lovely loam in about six months. Furthermore, things compost better together. Forget chocolate and peanut butter - phone books rot better with sheep entrails!

I am still covered...COVERED in pimples. It's v. strange and also a bit itchy.