Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Who knew...

That rubber platform boots would be ideal for cleaning up large puddles of sewage in one's basement? Makes sense in hindsight.

Best quotes from the crisis:

Marcus (from Roto-Rooter): Call us right away next time. There's no reason you should be living in raw sewage.

Marcus (from Roto-Rooter, after unwinding a tampon from the end of a 6" bladed auger tip): This was not your problem.

Me (yesterday afternoon, at the end of my rope): This is the beginning of the end... I'm going to get Cholera or something.
Alexis: Just don't drink off of the basement floor.
Me: Now you tell me.

Also, best story from Marcus: He cleaned out the clogged toilet drain of a house belonging to a single father of three teenage daughters (ages 14-17). What was the clog? A massive wad of approximately 150 condoms. Seriously.

(Mom, remember the time I flushed the banana peel? I promise I will NEVER do that again.)