Friday, December 15, 2006

More evidence

On Fridays at 1:30, we have a staff meeting in my department. Really low key, I just try to keep up and look interested. Today, before the meeting, I began to wander around the wing looking for dessert. Seriously, I get paid good tuition to wander around looking for dessert. I saw Kathy in the conference room and she looked like she was hovering over some bottles and something that looked chocolatey.

I wandered in, said "what's going on?" Hoping she would say something about dessert. She looked flustered. "I'm trying to throw you a party." I looked down at chocolate covered-cake, my name in whipped cream, the multi-colored star candles.

"What's that for?" I think I blurted. Then backed out of the room to think hard about what the hell was going on. Oh yeah...more letters on my name. I'd forgotten I'd said anything.

The card they gave me had MSW at the end of my name. Nobody can believe I'm not going to graduation. I tell them it's family tradition...that we only attend ceremonies if oath-taking and professional fealty is involved.

In all honesty, I'm relatively embarrassed to be getting a masters degree, and a *professional* masters at that. Strangly, I really like the letters though...MSW is actually a fairly nice set.