Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Amy (who I work with), who is the kind of person who randomly brings up meatloaf in conversation, and I, who get very excited when meatloaf is brought up in conversation, have decided to have a Meatloaf-Off. I have to admit, my meatloaf is fan-freakin-tastic (she thinks hers is too, hence the "-off".) We have tried to come up with a reason to randomly bring multiple loaves into the office for impromptu taste-testing, but have been so far unsuccessful. Well, to be honest, does there really need to be a reason for meatloaf? In any case, we'll have it in January or February (high meatloaf season), and if you want my recipe, please do request it so that you can play along at home.

Quoth Alexis (in response to her Program Director's dig at her flank steak and coffee luncheon): "I've no time for plants, man, I've come to eat an animal!"