Sunday, October 01, 2006

Showing her age...

I pass by the racks of iPod toys, of cell phone toys, even the yellow racks of markers (I've been a'wanting that huge pack of many-colored Sharpies), and declare my embarrassing need: "page magnifiers, please?" I couldn't find the Bubs for support (turns out she was assiduously trying every single office chair in the store), and left without anything. I know what I need, and I can't find it - the sheet magnifiers sit directly on the surface, and don't magnify much at all. Plus, I need to be able to write underneath it without continually removing the plastic...maybe something on little legs? I considered that magnifier attached to a light, but I think the only people who should use them are creating tiny things like shoe bombs.

It's just that I've been reading a lot of scanned articles recently, and it's not going so well. Well, it's either that I'm having trouble seeing properly and am frustrated, or I'm really damn sick of this social science crapola. Whatever the case, I keep finding Post-Its stuck in my articles that say things like: "This logic doesn't follow" and "You are an ass-monkey" and "Do some real research, Poindexter." It's not productive.