Friday, September 29, 2006

Hund vs Katsl

So, I've been complaining about pets to my sister, and laughing over horrible trips to the emergency vet...and, karmically, I spent 3.5 hours and $300 at the emergency vet last night. I was there until 2am.

Crisfield bit Willa (Harriet's cat who's still at our house) on the nose in a squabble over a treat. I didn't think anything happened, but two hours later, I saw blood on the stairs. When I finally found Willa, her nose was terribly swollen, and she was CRYING and SNEEZING blood.


Alexis thinks that Willa's tear ducts got torn. Thank god it wasn't anything more serious - like, the dog's teeth were less than millimeters away from eyeballs and other stuff. It could have been life ending. I don't think dogs are worth it, really.

So, visiting the vet in the middle of the night (any time really) is kind of terrible because they will do everything, and if you don't agree, you sound like the worst owner in the world. I mean, three things were going to be true after this bite:

1. Willa was going to die and there was nothing to do about it.
2. Willa was not going to die and there was nothing to do about it.
or 3. Willa was not going to die, there was something to do about it, and we weren't going to pay the thousands of dollars to have it done.

So, when the vet starts filling syringes of pain medication (to be delivered orally), and I am too tired and too sorrowful to stop them (because I sure as hell can't get oral pain-medication into this cat's maw without causing her or myself significantly more pain), I end up paying $50, and waiting an extra 1/2 hour for stuff I'm not going to use. And when the vet suggests an x-ray to see if there's a broken bone in the face, but can't even really fucking read it ("well," she says, "it's really hard to see in a cat's little face, and I'm not sure if this is normal or not" IF YOU CAN'T READ IT, WHY DID I PAY $80 FOR YOU TO TAKE IT?).

Maybe I'll give Crisfield the pain medication right after I beat the shit out of her. Actually, Alexis and I were strategizing how Crisfield is going to have to pay us back the three hundred dollars. I wonder if there's a market for dog kidney (for medical, rather than gustitory purposes, I mean...I think vets pay a little more per pound).