Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Marge Mobile

I am now, as many of you know, driving a new car. Stephan finally gave it up in June (the mechanic said that if I hit a pothole, my front wheels might fall off), and I dropped him off at the glue factory for fifty bucks.

The new car, known in Inuit drug-running circles as "Uimayartok Kadzait ," or, "Peppy Walrus," is learning to come to her new name: "The Marge-Mobile." This after my aunt Margie who gifted the car to my dad who gifted the car to me. I have never driven a car that did not belong to at least two people before me. I prefer it this way - the car is always a little hurt from the rejections, a little unsure and a little desperate. I can treat it like crap and it won't do anything. It's just happy to be larger than a 3 by 3 cube of metal and upholstry. I don't baby them...keeps them in line.

Right now, my main concern is pimping out the Marge-Mobile. I'm vaccillating on how exactly to do it, and am open for suggestions. The plan that was making me giggle on the metro this morning is to cover the back with homemade bumper stickers. As per usual, my brain is just kicking out slight modifications of extant stickers - my favorite being "My other car is a teapot" (I find the idea of driving a teapot really, really funny. Or, maybe it's just the word teapot. Teapot. See?)

Other pimping options: plaid, skull-and-crossbones, hot pants and a tube top...(there are so many possibilities, but I'll probably just go with "rust")