Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tell me something I don't know

I've found myself reading a lot of other people's blogs recently. Yes, yes, yes, I'm aware. Stalking behaviors - you've warned me already. The thing is, I end up consuming a million of them because they're so unsatisfying - it's like blog ramen.

Most people seem to create some combination of the following:

- boring accounts of their job and what they do at it
- boring accounts of school and what they should be doing (but are not)
- boring accounts of their predictable behavior and the predictable behavior of their friends - who they think is cute, how drunk they got, etc.
- whining
- song lyrics

Where is your inner life, people? Where is your mind? Where is my mind? Why can't you tell me how you feel without using an emoticon? Good lord, when did we begin to depend so heavily on the smiley face? Do you mean anything you say, or should I not take you seriously on account of your "giddiness"?

With that in mind, here's my attempt at a normal blog entry.

Erin and I went out last night. Of course, I got totally lost, and was looking like a total idiot tourist with a map in my lap or in front of my face as I drove (insert "dizzy" or "embarrassed" emoticon here). Was okay though, listening to Joanna Newsome makes it all good. The third song has my favorite lyrics: "I killed my dinner with Karate. Kick it in the face, then taste the body" (insert "cannibal" or "carnivore" emoticon here). Well, in order to appreciate it fully, you have to sing it in a little girl voice and accompany yourself on the harp.

Somehow I managed to find this Pupusaria up near Takoma that I'd gone to with Alexis. It was hard to decide between Soul Food and Salvadoran...but the pork rind and cheese tortillas won out in the end. Don't they always?

Damn them - always out of the fried plantains...and, note to self, next time avoid deep fried Cassava balls (insert "nauseated" emoticon here).

Made our way South to Tryst in Adams Morgan. Since I was introduced to it, I'm always bringing people there. Chai was very, very weak, but waitress had really great hair. Plus, Erin enjoyed her birthday drink and we giggled for hours.