Monday, August 01, 2005

Clarity and shards

I made the decision last night to finish the damn book once and for all. I'd been avoiding it. And it's never been this difficult for me.

I read and read and fell asleep reading and woke up three hours later and read some more. By the time I was done I was late for work, panicky, and accidentally wearing something that makes me look like a Cuban grandmother. My morning meeting was 4 hours and 45 minutes, and I took 50 minutes to talk when I should have taken 15. It gets like that for me when I'm sleepless.

I met V2 for Dim Sum in Chinatown (but they don't serve Dim Sum on weekdays, which is, frankly, scandalous). At the end of a truly terrible meal, I sat sleepily holding my glass - half to my lips and half dangling from my hand. I watched Val's face as I dropped it and it shattered - the glass and the ice becoming indistinguishable. An inch long shard stuck out of my arm, quivering like some recently thrown dagger. I plucked it out and made to brush the rest of the water and the ice off of my arm, and Vin grabbed my hand.

He told me to go wash my arm in the sink, and when I did glass clattered and ticked into the basin and I made small blooms of blood on the wet paper towel.