Saturday, March 26, 2005

Like a Bowlful of Jelly - Warning: Intimate Posting

Since I hit my late twenties (and beyond), I've developed a belly. I never had one before, I swear to you. It was the only unfat part of my body until about two years ago.

It happens that in the morning, I am often naked, and Alexis often makes me laugh. This results, of course, in the aforesaid "bowlful of jelly" comment, which makes me laugh harder and verifies her assertion.

Recently, though, we realized something shocking. The only way that Major Henry Livingston Jr. (author of "Twas the Night Before Christmas") would have known about Santa's midrif would have been to see his belly naked. It is not obvious that a belly will really, really look like a bowlful of jelly (despite the obvious corrolation-via-rhyming) when it's laughing, it has to be observed first-hand.

Well, Lincoln was gay, perhaps Santa was an exhibitionist?