Monday, March 07, 2005

Dreams do tell all

Ah, the semester starts again...and my stress is manifesting in my dreams:

Alexis and I were standing on a hotel balcony, looking out over a vast city. I saw the far-off sky implode and reform into a black ring of cloud. There was fire and crashing, really bible-horror movie stuff, and buildings began to collapse in the distance. I grabbed Alexis and ran as fast as I could towards space, openness, anything. We made it to the ground floor, and there was a center courtyard with, fairly flimsy stone tables. I screamed "Get under the table! Get under the fucking table!" And people dove for cover...and I stopped my own dream to berate myself for not finding better shelter. I don't even know what happened - I was too busy being disappointed in myself.

Not quite as good as the previous night's dream when I won an ultimate fighting match against Mr. Das by kneeing him in the 'nads. Do other girls have dreams of ball-crushing? I've never fought like this in a dream before, but perhaps my fighting technique is stuck in the 3rd grade, when that act was called out from the sidelines as a viable and crowd-pleasing option.

Alright, I admit, I've never been in a fight - 3rd grade or otherwise - but if I'd been, I'd probably have attempted to take down my opponent with a withering glare. And perhaps a dismissive flounce. Then I'd go for the 'nads.