Saturday, January 08, 2005

Dawn Swim at Pickerel Lake

I have been dreaming of the warm water on skin, the call of the Cranes, the sun rising over the trees and the mist moving over the lake...

Thebany's Fable:

The sun had a million children, and when night came, she found she hadn't room to lay them to bed. She asked the Moon for help, but his cold halls were no place for children. She asked the stars, but they tittered and whispered and turned away to the dark beyond. Finally, the Sun asked the Earth, and though the Earth felt herself crowded and crawling with her own children, she nodded acceptance and raised the edge of her cloud blanket. The Earth lay the Sun's children to sleep in all the rivers and all the lakes and all the seas of the world.

During the night, while the cold moon and the fickle stars wheel overhead, the Sun's children sleep sound. And in the morning, when the Sun rises over the tops of the trees, her children rise from their beds and float over the water towards her, crying "Mama, mama."