Sunday, December 26, 2004

No One, No Where

Do things you fear always come to pass?

By thinking on them, meditating, obsessing, do you lean slowly-slowly-slowly towards them?

Do you, too, worry over bridges? Do you, too, feel that if you let go, just for a second, your car will steer itself gently over the guardrail, arcing over the gray water?

Maybe it's good that I don't live near rivers anymore, though their absence is killing me in small ways.

The things I fear:
-being unknown
-the sky

The things I love:
-crowded busses
-touching other's pain
-zeppelins and blimps
-slow things
-quiet and loud things
-my new David Lang album (the Passing Measure)
-smart people

The things I hate:
-see above list of fears...I hate them *because* I fear them, or maybe it's the other way around
-superficiality (don't assume, I really do hate it)
-late afternoon
-the dark deep winter tonight
-the word *consumer*
-becoming nervously tongue-tied