Sunday, December 19, 2004

One Degree from Snark

Thank the lord above that we got the house insulated this fall. It is one degree out, and there is no way I'd have been surviving this shit without being wrapped in a blanket. With a hot water bottle. And two dogs.

As it is, I'm just wearing my pumpkin hat, pajamas and bootie socks, and let me tell you ladies and gentlemen...I feel just fine.

Christmas Tree a' twinklin'.
All animals in, curled up and calm.
Tried to convince Kordax to cuddle, but he bit my boob. Confused victim that I am, fed him a banana. A sweet one, just as he likes.

Only problem - only 7 of the 15 pages written for tomorrow. Gonna be a late night.

But damn, only one door between me and the end of the first semester. Can't stop now - open up.