Monday, April 29, 2013

Ravens Pride

On Saturday, we took a taxi from our front door and in ten minutes were wandering among the hor d'oeuvres stations for Alex's annual work gala. We didn't manage to get pictures at the beginning of the we got them at the end. (This is actually us in our new bathroom.) Look at that handsome doctor I landed. She actually rented a tux for the occasion, but I admit that I nixed it when I saw it. Poor thing, she had such a good time getting it, too. She always wants to match when we go out, so as soon as I landed this purple number (which she picked out, by the way), she was on the hunt for a matching tie. The genius of this outfit is that it is also Raven's purple...which automatically makes any piece of clothing formal wear in Baltimore. I admit, I really loved matching. Turns out, I'm super into the prom look.


Events like this have become much, much less painful for me now that I've learned to simply pay professionals to handle my head! I made an appointment with Lindsay at Flaunt (who did a phenomenal job on my hair for the wedding), who did quite nicely with my instruction of "offside chignon." I also cannot be trusted to put makeup on my face and not look I wandered two doors down from Flaunt and Deb at "Kiss and Make Up" did a really nice, light look that I managed to not smear around too badly. It was so sweet to wander around the Avenue in my filthy athletic shorts, old flip-flops and a hoodie, with my head all perfect and my fancy earrings twinkling. I must have looked photoshopped.


The nice thing is, we're slowly getting better at these kinds of events. So much so, that we may start seeking them out. I told Alex that I'm totally down for hitting the DC spring fundraising circuit, but we have to learn to dance together and that the Virginia Reel doesn't count.