Monday, October 31, 2011


Mom and I put in a raised bed this Fall, and I'd stocked it with the greens that the dogs kept stepping on and also planted two types of kale. I got nervous, though with the approach of this early winter, that I'd lose my seedlings.

So, as the slush was coming down, I was crouched in my front lawn (wearing a down vest under a rain coat) making this awesome hoop house I learned about on the You Tubes. I managed to mis-measure even the few measurements required, but it works nonetheless.

After I was done, I stepped back and looked at it from the street and it looks, well, kinda janky. But, that's why we moved to our particular neighborhood...Alexis and I are, to put it mildly, a little bit country. Stuff we do in the yard is going to look a bit off for the middle of the city. But our neighborhood just isn't as fancy as some of the other places we were looking to live. So, we can pretty much do things the way we want and not be the pariahs of our street...