Monday, August 25, 2008

KlezKanadia 2008

I never could have imagined, in my wildest dreams, what it would be like.
Even now, standing in front of my computer - coffee brewing, things to do - I am brought to tears.

What was more important?

Being surrounded by music (and not just any music, the music of my celestial body) - walking through the camp there was a new song every twenty feet, there were performances all day and every night (and not just any performances, but the best klezmer I'd ever seen or heard - maybe because I would stand directly behind players), the singing, the energy? Oy.


Being surrounded by Jews (and other sympaticos) - dinner conversations that ended with "well, aren't we all pretty much socialists?"; the Conservative sax player who is emailing me a list of shuls most accepting to non-traditional families in the DC area; the Backward March and the Singing Table, a four hour, candle-lit, pounding, dancing Shabbas evening of Hasidic Niguns?

I know my playing improved significantly, but its more that I learned how to learn a song, how to play through, that playing with feeling is more important than playing all the notes right.