Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In the year 2013...

I just finished my second Zingerman's visioning workshop. The first one was pretty much wildly successful - I did a five-year increment, and the last five years have been basically the best of my life. The way you do it is to transport yourself some time into the future - five years is usually good. Close your eyes and open them into that future life - you are happy and successful. The point of this exercise is to stop reacting to pain, stop focusing your energy on avoiding what hurts --instead move towards creating a new potential. Now write what it looks like.

That vision should be...
Exciting (it should excite you)
Strategically Sound (you should be able to acheive it)
Documented (you have to record it)
Shared (speak it, write it, act it)

Last time I did a vision, I kept it in my calendar for a while, and then in a drawer. I didn't really share it with anybody, but even from the back of the drawer, it changed my life.

This time, I'm trying something different - I'm sharing it for reelz. This means I'm stepping up to claim what I want. Not in a selfish or self-centered way, but that I'm invested enough in my vision to say it out loud.

And I'm putting it here. This blog is where I put stuff that I don't want to lose, and I don't want to lose this vision.

It is June 18th, 2013. I am 39 this year, Alexis is 38. We have two kids, aged 2 and 4. We live just outside Washington, DC, but inside the beltway. We live in a huge, old house that's been subdivided into apartments - we live upstairs, and some combenation of loved ones lives downstairs or floats in and out. Our apartment is sunny and medium-to-small , with a second floor that we carved out of the attic. We have a big deck, and a huge, fenced-in lawn where all the family dogs romp.

All of our family live within a short drive, some even in the same neighborhood. We get together a lot for planned and impromptu family meals, visits, errands, and fun stuff.

Alexis and I work from home most of the time, but I am also frequently traveling. I work for a large, international, non-governmental organization, and I focus on socially regulated scarce resource systems. My work is split between social research and outcome modeling, writing/presenting, and feet-on-the-ground development work. I am often in NYC, and often traveling nationally and internationally. I feel so driven by my work, the energy of what I do impells me - I feel such strong urgency and purpose without being laid low by despair. Yes, things are bad and getting worse, but we have plans to keep our family safe and independent, and are working to make the world better for all families.

We have a weekend farm, it takes less than two hours to get there by car, but is hidden and extremely rural. We go there almost every weekend, and have parties and large gatherings. We plan to move there full time, eventually.

My life is orderly. I get up very early, I have quiet and still time, and then I work. By the time the day is getting active, I have put in hours of work. I get lots of sleep.

I'm in a klezmer troupe. In playing and dancing, I've found ecstatic ritual.