Monday, June 16, 2008

My fat-fat arms

I love my arms, but lately, they've been growing.

Admittedly, I've upped my swimming quite dramatically. And I'm lifting a lot more these days...and suddenly, I can't fit into things that I've worn my whole life.

Yes. I did say that - I have two pieces of summer clothing that have been treasured staples in my wardrobe since my late teens when I stole them from my parents: a purple Dashiki (made by my mom for my dad), and a red sheath dress (made for my mom by her mom). I think each of these items is older than I am (which is now 34, by the way), especially since I think my grandma made the dress for my mom when she was pregnant with me or Jess.

So, these two things have fit me through thick and thin, on and off, for almost 20 years...and suddenly, they're binding on my massive biceps. Seriously, I am built (And thank goodness for that - we just finished a stone patio and realized that over the course of it, we moved about 13 tons of soil, stone, and gravel).

Goodness, they look larger in a photo. Man, I scare myself.