Monday, September 10, 2007

He's out!

At three in the morning, 9/10/07, Noah Edwin arrived. I can't wait to see the pictures of his pruney little face!

I've never had a new member of the family before, I am beyond excited and really much happier than I ever thought I'd be.

Jess was so peppy right until the due date (which was a week and a half ago), and she looked so beautiful through her pregnancy. I felt so surprisingly delicate and protective towards her when I saw her last - a way I don't usually feel about my 5'11" older sister - she thanked me for coming to help out, said it was so sweet to be doing so much for the baby...and I realized that it wasn't doing for the baby, it was for my sister. "I'm excited to meet the baby, but I knew you first."

I know I may eat my words when I see his little, pink, freshly-hatched body later this bet is that I'm going to fall head over heels into nibbly, shnoogly love with that little steamed bun, and that I'm going to spend years of my life happily wondering about his filling - "Are you a barbeque pork bun? A red bean paste bun? Maybe lotus paste??"

But I say this to both of my shnizters: I like meeting the all interesting people we all find (or create) in the world, it's always fascinating...but I knew and loved you first - you'll always be my favorites.